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Lies My Eating Disorder Told Me (and how my healthier voice responds!)

  1. “You don’t deserve to eat breakfast without exercising first.”-actually no. I deserve to eat whenever I am hungry. How am I supposed to get through the day without eating a proper breakfast? I need the fuel for whatever my day may bring, which COULD mean movement, but it could also mean watching endless hours of Fixer Upper on HGTV, rounding on patients at the hospital, or working on my research project.
  2. “You can’t eat lunch earlier than 12:00, and the later the better”-I can eat lunch whenever I want to eat lunch. I fuel myself when I am hungry and/or have a break or time to eat, not by a chronological time point.
  3. “You can’t eat dinner earlier than 7:00, and the later the better.”-Ditto above. Also, maybe I need to eat dinner earlier because I’m meeting a friend and that’s when they’re free.
  4. “You can only eat pizza if its for dinner and the weekend”-I can eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack any day of the week. In fact, I had it for lunch on a Tuesday last week. Pizza is a great source of protein, fat, and carbs, and it tastes good. 
  5. “If you have alcohol with a meal, the meal had better be as clean as possible”-You should ALWAYS eat a nourishing food anytime you drink. 
  6. “You can go to brunch…BUT you have to get the healthiest item on the menu”– “Get the pancakes. Or the lox and cream cheese. Or the breakfast sandwich. Or, yes, maybe the ‘healthy’ steel cut oatmeal if that sounds good. Nothing is off limits on the menu.”
  7. “You don’t like hamburgers”-You like hamburgers. You wanted them every night for dinner when you were growing up. They taste good and are a great source of protein and iron.
  8. “Other people can eat xxxx item (e.g., piece of cake, bagel with cream cheese, etc.), but you don’t deserve to so you should decline it”–You don’t “earn” food or deserve/not deserve to eat. Food is nourishing to the mind, soul, and relationships as well as the body, and partaking in social eating is important, too. 
  9. “Its better to be isolated and eat ‘clean’ than to enjoy a more satiating meal with loved ones”—It’s better to be in community with others than isolated and restricted. 
  10. “You don’t like dinner rolls”-Actually, ED, I LOVE dinner rolls. BONUS if they’re my homemade Angel biscuits and/or covered with butter.
  11. “You don’t like juice”-Juice tastes great and is awesome anytime of the day, especially with breakfast. It gives me tons of vitamins and nutrients. The Green Machine by Naked Juice is my favorite. And have you NOT TRIED MIMOSAS?
  12. “You have to go to barre/yoga/exercise at the gym every day after work”-You should only engage in movement time because you think it will feel good, and if you have the time and energy. 
  13. “You can’t take a rest day”-You can’t NOT take a rest day. 
  14. “It’s okay to get 5 hours of sleep, awaken early and exercise, and restrict nutrient intake then go provide direct patient care at your job”-You will not do your best work or be your healthiest self if you do not get at least 7 hours of sleep and fuel your body appropriately. 
  15. “All of your loved ones, your friends, they’ll still let you in their life even though I am dominating all your time and energy”-You’ll lose friends, relationships, and upset family if you choose the eating disorder over them. People only tolerate so much and also have to take care of themselves. NEVER choose your eating disorder over loved ones. You’ll lose them and end up regretting it later.


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