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Day in the Life

This post is from a typical Thursday at home with my parents.

7:45 A.M.- I awaken naturally (nice change from that work grind!). I’m still a little groggy and grab my glasses from the bedside and go downstairs to start the day.

7:55 A.M.- I say good morning to my parents and make a mug of my favorite tea

8:00 A.M-Time to make breakfast! I’m craving toast this morning, so I pop some Ezekiel’s cinnamon raisin toast in the toaster and get the rest of my meal together.

8:15 A.M.- I sit down with my breakfast and start my morning devotional and flip through blogs while I eat.

Toast + butter, fried egg, strawberries, raspberry whole milk yogurt, and two half glasses of juice since there wasn’t enough for a full glass of “Green Machine” left

8:45 A.M.-I look at the “Simple Abundance” day guide my mom has encouraged me to do in 2018 and journal.¬†

9:15 A.M.- I get ready for the day and take an awkward bathroom selfie before heading out for the morning.

10:30 A.M.- I go to volunteer at a local food pantry for a couple of hours. I drink a protein shake during my shift. The raspberry cheesecake flavor is pretty good!

12:30 p.m.-My mom sends me a picture of some dog supplies that came in the mail. Hope is coming home soon and I can’t wait!

2:00 p.m.- I finish my shift and drive home for lunch.

2:15 p.m.-I throw together a quick lunch: chicken sandwich with avocado, pretzels, carrots, and Hershey’s chocolate pudding.

3:00 p.m.- I head to counseling. I acknowledge that I’ve made a lot of progress in a month, but express my frustration with how long recovery takes. I’m reminded why I’m choosing recovery and think about what life will look like on the other side.

4:00 p.m.- Time for some errands! I stop by the library to renew some books, go to Petco to get some more dog supplies, and finish with a stop at Braum’s for chocolate mix to eat later. I pop them in the freezer and get them out when the craving strikes!

5:25 p.m.-I head home, chat with my mom, have a snack, and color until dinner.

6:50 p.m.-Dinner time! My mom is trying a new soup and asks me if I want bacon on top of my serving. Without hesitation, I say “Yes!”. Previously I would have said “no” out of E.D. habits. I realize I haven’t had bacon in years. The kind my mom has purchased is apparently known for its quality, and I really like it! Win! I also enjoy one of my homemade biscuits with butter on the side.

7:40 p.m.- My parents and I chat for a bit after we are done eating and then start clearing the table and doing dishes.

8:15 p.m.- I retreat to my room to work on blog posts, listen to Spotify, journal, and read.

9:00 p.m.-I get ready for bed.

9:30 p.m.-I eat a mix from Braum’s while watching an episode of Fixer Upper with my mom. (Extra almond M&M’s for the win!)

10:15 p.m.-Bedtime. Lights out!

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