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I’ve always been a huge fan of positive and wise quotes, particularly during life’s difficult seasons. Here are some of the “mantras” that I have been choosing to live by. I keep the images on my phone for easy reminders throughout the day!

I’ve grown up hearing the phrases “Positive Paul” and “Negative Nancy”. Well, no one wants to be around a negative Nancy, so I decided to make “Positive Paul” apply to us ladies.

You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way

Someone very close to me once told my mom that I have all the potential in the world, but that I “keep getting in my own way”. A goal for this season is to break past the barriers that I’ve placed on myself in order to build the future I want for myself while cultivating community and helping others along the way.

Eating My Elephant One Bite At a Time

Real talk: I had just finished dinner with my parents the other night and all of the sudden I started crying. When they asked me what was wrong, I sputtered, “recovering is just taking so long.” They were surprised I was being so down on myself, because I have made some pretty amazing progress in a limited time. The fact is, achieving any meaningful goal is a long and often arduous process, and if we become too focused on the end goal, we can become overwhelmed.



Down the Hatch

My mom used to always say this to my siblings and me when we were growing up. Usually, it was in reference to liquid medicine that tasted terrible. “Down the hatch” has become my mantra during recovery when I sit down to meals and snacks. It puts a light-hearted spin on meal times!

Brighten Your Corner of the World

My mom is one of my biggest role models, and I asked her what her favorite mantra is. She quickly told me “brighten your corner of the world”. I love this—as a whole, we are so quick to forget that the little things we do, like a simple smile or compliment given to someone having a bad day, can make such a big impact.

What are some of your favorite mantras?

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