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Friday Favorites #2

I’m traveling back to cold Oklahoma after six days in the Arizona desert today. The trip was a great mixture of family time, relaxation, and outdoor activities. Recap to come later–for now, here are some of the things I’ve been loving this past week!

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

I’ve been loving art projects lately, so my mom surprised me with this set for Christmas. The set has a variety of fun colors (I’m partial to the gold and aquamarine) and I’ve been using them to make inspirational quotes and drawings. Check out some of my art here.

Buxom “Lips Off Leash” set

Another fun Christmas present courtesy of my mama. This set features 15 different colors, and each lip gloss lasts ~3-4 hours. I’ve been loving experimenting with a different shade each morning. And as someone that frequently loses lip glosses and lip sticks, the fact that I got 15 new glosses can’t be beat. This set is currently available for $29.

The return of “This is Us

Any fellow This is Us fans out there? I was sorely disappointed last Tuesday when I turned on NBC thinking that the mid-season premiere would be on, only to discover that the mid-season hiatus actually ended this week! While I didn’t find this week’s episode particularly exciting, I enjoyed curling up on the couch with my sister and sister-in-law and spending an hour with the Pearson family. Anyone else catch this week’s episode?

The NCAA Championship game

This is NOT to say I was thrilled with Alabama taking it all! After my Sooners lost in double overtime to Georgia on New Year’s Day, I was hoping for a competitive national championship game for excitement. Monday’s game did not disappoint! Alabama went on a major comeback in the second half, which culminated in Georgia’s kicker missing a field goal attempt that would have won the game for Georgia and instead sent the game in to overtime. Georgia played offense first, and scored a field goal. Alabama started their drive with a disappointing sack that resulted in a 16-yard loss. On the next play, they nailed an impressive touchdown that won the game. I may not have been rooting for Alabama, but I have a friend that went there, so congratulations to her!

“A New Day” clothing line at Target

My mom and I popped in to Target after church on Sunday in Arizona, and neither of us could resist browsing the women’s clothing section. I was quickly smitten with the feminine, simple pieces in this line. Each piece has fun details and comes in beautiful colors and soft fabrics. Work appropriate, also! I got this shirt in a grey stripe and in pink. It’s comfortable, cute, and provides flattering curves.

Wild by Cheryl Strayed

My sister recently gifted me this book. While I am not very far, I am already impressed with the vulnerability and insight expressed by the author. I believe this book will be empowering, and I look forward to reading more of it!


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