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Weekend Recap: Basketball, Family, Food, and Faith

I hope everyone is off to a good start to their week! It’s cold again, but still sunny here in Bartlesville. Hope is at her first visit to the groomer (pictures to come), so I’m using this “down time” to catch up on podcasts, projects, emails, and write this post.

This was one of the slower weekends I’ve had in a few weeks, and while I’m becoming more excited to enter the “hustle and bustle” of my life back, I am grateful for the opportunity to slow down and continue restoration before jumping back into the craziness.

Friday was largely spent at home. My dad loved the extra snuggle time with Hope 🙂 I attempted to take her on an extra walk before dinner Friday night, but unfortunately, she got chased by a larger dog and she got pretty worked up so we went home. I cooked a Mediterranean spaghetti squash for my parents, we watched an episode of the Crown, and then I had a snack and went to bed.

Saturday morning I took Hope for a walk at the pathfinder. Little Bit is getting better at walking on the leash and meeting new people and dogs! She did get nervous and pee in my car on the way home…anyone else have a dog that pees when they get nervous? It’s a good thing she is cute…

My mom called me after the gym and asked if I wanted to go on errands with her. I met up with her at Food Pyramid and we picked out cheese for a wine and cheese get together she is hosting. We both agreed it’s a source of joy to be able to meet up with each other on a whim—something we will both miss when I return to OKC. I came home, ate lunch, and watched OU lose to Alabama in basketball…

It hit around 70 degrees in the afternoon, so my mom and I let Hope romp around the front yard without her leash while my mom did some yard work. Little Bit found plenty of new branches to play with and even got excited about meeting a neighbor’s lab. She is starting to grow up 😉

After our play date, my dad and I went to watch the local college team (Oklahoma Wesleyan) play basketball. They were randomly giving away bacon for community appreciation day, but it was all gone by the time we got there! The game was fun—basketball has always been something my dad and I shared together, so it’s neat to reinstate that tradition again. Watching the cheerleaders reminded me of my Highstepper days in high school.

We came home and my mom grilled some hamburgers for dinner. They were delicious 🙂 Then we watched the Crown, played with Hope, had a snack, watched Fixer Upper, and went to bed.

Sunday started with church at City Church. This weekend was the last of the “You Versus 2018” series, and like the other three weeks, I found the lesson extremely relevant. The sermon covered three main types of days one will encounter throughout life: 1. Days of Suffering, 2. Days of Confusion and Doubt, and 3. Days of Breakthrough and Joy. In my story, I feel that the events of 2017 were largely days of suffering, and that I’m currently in a state of confusion and doubt as I wait for my breakthrough to come. The sermon reinvigorated my hope for what this year will bring (and to be honest, has already brought…I never would have thought being in this stage of recovery with such a sweet doggie and support team to be possible two months ago). Another key takeaway that I intend to apply to my prayer life is the three part model in which one begins by affirming God’s power, then expressing one’s personal desires, and finishes with offering your trust in the Lord.

Sunday afternoon I walked Hope, and took a nap. My parents and I went to dinner at the Hideaway with two of their friends. I had a Caesar salad and some vegetable pizza. The meal was tasty, but I had some challenging thoughts after that my mom encouraged me to process and then write a blog post about.

The weekend wrapped up with more Fixer Upper and Modern Family.

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