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Today when I was volunteering at the local food pantry, I got to talking with one of the other volunteers about our shared interest in hiking and adventuring. This conversation filled me up in so many ways, because it reminded me of the many “bucket list” experiences I hope to have. My fellow volunteer told me about her quest to hike every national park and her experiences zip lining and paragliding. I told her about my experiences hiking in Olympic National Park and skydiving, and she told me about her favorite vacation (Sedona Arizona) and her “must see” in Oregon (the mystery of the trees). 

As I’ve frequently mentioned on the blog, I love hiking and spending time in the outdoors. Much to the surprise of those who know me well, I spontaneously went skydiving my junior year of college. My father and I went hiking in the Olympic National Park the summer before I started pharmacy school.

It’s devastating how eating disorders and overworking can overshadow one’s innate desire to explore the world. In the worst of my disease, I lacked the physical strength and energy reserves to optimally hike (I talk more about this in this post (Arizona Hiking). I lacked the zest for life to complete the activities I love. Until today, I had forgotten that I want to go zip lining and paragliding.

This conversation inspired me to create a new “wanderlust” list or bucket list. And as I enter recovery, I know I’ll have the strength, enthusiasm, time, and ability to complete them. The most exciting aspect is that when I was telling my mom about the conversation, my mom mentioned that she thinks family holidays at national parks is a vision she has for the future 🙂

  • Hike all the national parks (stole this idea from my friend, above 😉 )
  • Visit all the continents (was just talking about this with a friend a few weeks ago)
  • Hike in the Alps
  • Go paragliding
  • Go ziplining
  • Start in my own backyard—visit at least 4 Oklahoma state parks in 2018

National Parks

  • Acadia-Maine
  • American Samoa-American Samoa
  • Arches-Utah
  • Badlands-South Dakota
  • Big Bend-Texas
  • Biscayne-Florida
  • Black Canyon of the Gunnison-Colorado
  • Canyonlands-Utah
  • Capitol Reef-Utah
  • Carlsbad Caverns-New Mexico
  • Channel Islands-California
  • Congaree-South Carolina
  • Crater Lake-Oregon
  • Cuyahoga Valley-Ohio
  • Death Valley-California
  • Denali-Alaska
  • Dry Tortugas-Florida
  • Everglades-Florida
  • Gates of the Arctic-Alaska
  • Glacier-Montana
  • Glacier Bay-Alaska
  • Grand Canyon-Arizona
  • Grand Teton-Wyoming
  • Great Basin-Nevada
  • Great Sand Dunes-Colorado
  • Great Smokey Mountains-Tennessee, North Carolina
  • Guadalupe Mountains-Texas
  • Haleakala- Hawaii
  • Hawaii Volcanoes-Hawaii
  • Hot Springs-Arkansas
  • Isle Royale-Michigan
  • Joshua Tree-California
  • Katmai-Alaska
  • Kenai Fjords- Alaska
  • Kings Canyon-California
  • Kobuk Valley-Alaska
  • Lake Clark-Alaska
  • Lassen Volcanic- California
  • Mammoth Cave-Kentucky
  • Mesa Verde-Colorado
  • Mount Rainier-Washington
  • North Cascades-Washington
  • Olympic-Washington
  • Petrified Forest-Arizona
  • Pinnacles-California
  • Redwood-California
  • Rocky Mountain-Colorado
  • Saguaro-Arizona
  • Sequoia-California
  • Shenandoah-Virginia
  • Theodore Roosevelt-North Dakota
  • Virgin Islands-U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Voyageurs-Minnesota
  • Wind Cave-South Dakota
  • Wrangeli-St. Elias-Alaska
  • Yellowstone-Wyoming, Montana, Idaho
  • Yosemite-California
  • Zion-Utah

Looks like I’ll be headed to Alaska!

What is on your bucket list?

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