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Friday Favorites #5

  • The Resident on FoxMy mom watches the Late Show with Cobert every night after dinner (she DVR’s them and watches the previous nights, because we are not about to stay up that late), and last week he interview Matt Czuchry from Gilmore Girls about his new show “The Resident”. As a huge Gilmore Girls fan (I have every season on DVD), I had to check it out. I did not have high expectations, but I love it! It’s actually making me excited to get back to work in the hospital again.
  • Kendra Scott: Okay, so this is really basic of me, but after purchasing these earrings thanks to the Kendra Scott birthday month discount, I found myself looking at some of the other pieces offered. Everything is so pretty!
  • Athleta leggings: I was told these leggings are flattering and good for weight gain, so I ordered a pair of these as part of my sizing up purchases. They’re great!
  • My nighttime routine with my mama and Hope: most nights after dinner, I plop Hope on the sofa with my sweet mama and me, and we watch a variety of shows from her DVR. Stephen Colbert and Fixer Upper are regulars for us! I snack on some ice cream and journal during this time, also. I’ll miss this when I head back to OKC so soon!
  • Night sky: The moon was very full when I took Hope out before bed the other night. I lack the supplies to take a better photo, but I attempted to capture the beauty with my iPhone. 

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