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What I’m Looking Forward to in February

January gone already? Time is tricky for me in this season: on the one hand, I am looking forward to returning to my life in OKC and to my professional work as well as impatient to be weight restored. On the other hand, I know that this is a season of rest and quality time with my parents that should be treasured before it slips away. I think the best anecdote for these contradictory emotions is to anticipate the bright moments in order to cultivate gratitude and presence during my final month staying with my parents.

  • Dinners with my parents
  • A Tulsa girls’ day with pharmacy school classmates
  • The Tulsa NEDA walk
  • Updating my wardrobe
  • Watching basketball
  • Watching the winter olympics
  • Having impromptu outings with my mom
  • A new series at City Church
  • Volunteering
  • My last month of slow, leisurely breakfasts

Compared to my other months at home, February should be less eventful. December was filled with adjusting to all the life changes thrown at me and the holidays, and January was filled with travel and getting Hope. Now that I’ve settled into a routine, I want to set some goals to complete prior to the end of the month and my move back.

February goals

  • Continue weight restoration
  • Write a letter to my grandpa and grandma
  • Finish Daring Greatly
  • Make one new recipe each week
  • Teach Hope to “sit” and “stay”
  • Prepare myself professionally to return to work

What are you looking forward to in February? What are your goals for February?

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