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Friday Favorites #6

This week started with the Super Bowl and is ending with some friend time. There was some fun, volunteering, and yummy food in between. What did you do this week?

Tulsa NEDA Walk: I finally registered to do the  Tulsa NEDA walk.  The walk is February 25th at 2 p.m. If you would like to join or support my team with a donation, go here and click either “register” or “donate” in the top right corner. My team name is “Hopeful” and the password is “Doodle”. I hope to see you February 25!

The Puppy Bowl: I’ve never watched the Puppy Bowl before, but my mom turned it on this year to watch with Hope. There was the sweetest little goldendoodle that had to have one of her legs amputated that stole my heart.

Braum’s: If you’re from Oklahoma, this needs no further explanation. If you aren’t from Oklahoma, you’re missing out on some amazing ice cream.

Salad kits: I love salad, but I struggle to incorporate enough healthy fat and carbs into the salads I make for myself. Plus, I spend a lot of time chopping. Salad kits to the rescue! My favorite ones are Caesar (a classic) and Kale Pecan Cranberry. These kits make an easy side for dinner and are a breeze.

Honey ginger chicken: I made this recipe for dinner this week and it was so good.

Heat protector spray: Every time I get my hair cut, the stylist inevitably asks me if I use a heat protector spray. I finally decided to actually take their advice and got TREsemme heat tamer spray at Wal Mart. So far, so good!

Valentine’s Day cards: Hope is my official Valentine this year, but I still had some fun picking out some Valentine’s Day cards at Wal Mart to mail to some family and friends.


Did you watch the Puppy Bowl? What are your Valentine’s Day plans? 

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