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Friday Favorites #8

Happy Friday, friends! This is my last Friday before returning to OKC. What is new in your corner of the world?

My new cardigan from Amazon ($25.98!): I saw this cardigan on LC Steele’s instagram account last week, and when I saw the price and that it was on Amazon (I see you Prime shipping!), I decided to order it.

100 Days to Brave by Annie F. Downs  I started this devotional this morning. I think it’s just what I need as I return to OKC, work, and start a new life for myself. I’m looking forward to seeing where I am at the end of the 100 days. Plus, I love Annie’s “That Sounds Fun” podcast.

If You Only Knew by Jamie Ivey: I mentioned this book in my post on forgiveness, but I just finished it the other night and I cannot recommend it enough. Jamie openly shares her story and how she found freedom from her previous shortcomings—something I think we can all relate to!

Tulsa NEDA walk: Two days until the Tulsa NEDA walk. If you would like to join or support my team with a donation, go here and click either “register” or “donate” in the top right corner. My team name is “Hopeful” and the password is “Doodle”. I hope to see you February 25!

My latest artwork (inspired by this song!): I’m excited to put together a little gallery wall featuring my projects in my new apartment.

Bittersweet endings: No adult woman wants to admit that their life isn’t sustainable as is, take an extended leave of time from work, and move back in with their parents. However, for my health, I did it. And this time has been a special opportunity for me to spend extended time with my parents before their retirement. Additionally, my mom has held a special role in my recovery journey for the previous 18 months. As I move back to OKC next week, these chapters will close. It’s beautiful because I am healthy and viable and capable of “spreading my wings and flying”, but I also think any sort of ending is difficult. That being said, I know they won’t be able to stay away from Hope and that we will be texting and FaceTiming frequently.

That’s all for now! Share what you’ve been loving or what’s new with you in the comments.

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