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A weekend of friends, biking, and the great outdoors

Another fun weekend in OKC in the books!


After work, I took Hope to the midtown dog park. The park was bustling with activity—everyone was excited about the weekend and the weather was gorgeous! Hope made friends with an adorable 3-month old charcoal lab. Towards the end of our adventure two of my girlfriends met us at the park and then we walked back to my apartment so they could see it for the first time. I changed into some nicer clothes, and then we headed out to catch up over some food and drinks!

We started at Sidecar with wine and a cheese plate. My favorite item was the jam and creamy white cheese (I think the jam was apricot?). The pita bread was also to-die-for and we actually had them bring us some more 🙂 After Sidecar, we went to Bleu Garden and played jenga and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We rounded up the night at Fassler’s and then I came home, took Hope out, and crawled in to bed much later than I am accustomed to.



Saturday began with my usual group ride. This week’s instructional portion covered switching gears and averting rocks and potholes. We did some drills in the parking lot of Bass Pro, and then our group split into 2 separate groups to complete different mileage. While one of the groups was doing 24 miles at a faster pace, I decided to stick with 12 at a slower pace after getting little sleep the night before.

The ride was enjoyable, except one stretch in the last 2 miles. We had a long, steep hill to cover prior to returning to Schlegel’s. There was also a gnarly cross-wind, and my initial tendency was to give up and succumb to limiting beliefs. Instead, I decided to visualize myself completing the hill, and with each revolution of the pedals, I told myself, “I am strong”, “I can do this”, “I am unstoppable”, “this is preparing me for the future”, “nothing worth doing is easy”, and “I am worthy”. The ascent was still difficult, but I was able to complete the task, and felt empowered upon completion. This experience resonated with me, and I hope that by seeing the positive outcome of positive affirmations on a short term, I can apply this strategy to longer-term obstacles, such as completing my residency and maintaining recovery.

When I got home, I took Hope for a walk at one of my favorite local parks.

The rest of Saturday was relaxed after so much activity. I cleaned my apartment a bit and went to Sprout’s and Target for items for the week. When I got home, I made a simple dinner of baked chicken and potatoes (not even worth taking a photo of!) and finished the 3rd season of Love on Netflix. And now I officially need a new show… Before bed, I took Hope out and met some sweet neighbors with their cockapoo. When I got inside, I had a big bowl of cereal, prayed, journaled, and hit the hay.


Sunday morning the weather was bleak, so I opted to hold off on taking Hope for a walk until after church. We continued in John chapter 13 and I got to catch up with some friends before and after the service.

Hope and I went to the dog park to get some energy out.

Then I made lunch, grabbed tea from Clarity Coffee, and meandered around the Myriad Gardens. When I got back to my place, Hope and I had a puppy play date and made salmon, rolls, baked potatoes, and Caesar salad for dinner. I forgot to snap a photo 🙁


Hope you all had a great weekend!

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