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Month: April 2018

Just Like the Old Times, and Remembering One Special Lady

Just Like the Old Times, and Remembering One Special Lady

This weekend flew by, and was filled with girl time, nostalgia, adventure, family, and remembrance. Friday started with my favorite TGIF yoga class. After, I took Hope to the dog park and got ready to hang out with my old roommate. We went to sushi […]

Friday Favorites #15

Friday Favorites #15

Hi there! Friday again? I apologize for the lack of posts lately. Between bike riding, research, lectures, Bible study, kickball, friends, and just life, my energies have not been coming to this space quite as much as I would like. This weekend, I plan to […]

Residency Matters-My Teaching Certificate

Residency Matters-My Teaching Certificate

April, which is officially my “research” month of residency, has transformed into a hybrid “teaching and research month”.

In addition to completing clinical pharmacy rotations throughout my twelve month residency, I also will complete longitudinal rotations in management, hospital staffing, research, and teaching. While I have completed a number of teaching-related projects earlier in my residency, most of the work has occurred this month.

Previously, I wrote a draft of my personal “teaching philosophy”, facilitated four interactive case sessions with the second year pharmacy students, and participated in workshops involving topics such as motivating students and providing feedback. I identified two topics that I would prepare lectures, handouts, and exam questions over: gestational diabetes/diabetes during pregnancy, and skin structure and function.

Let me tell you- teaching is labor-intensive and difficult. I have always had immense respect for educators, but being on the other side of academia brought this appreciation to a new level. And given the situation involving educational funding in the state of Oklahoma, this acknowledgement should be emphasized. Our educators pour energy and time to provide the best academic experience for their students, and their compensation should reflect this.

I started preparing both of my lectures in December. I spent hours compiling information from various textbooks, decided how I wanted to organize the material in my slides and handouts, formatted my references appropriately, selected images that illustrated the material optimally.

When I got back, I scheduled lecture dress rehearsals with a content mentor and one of the deans of the college. My dress rehearsal lecture was timed and I was given constructive feedback on everything from incorporating more summary slides, to adding a “housekeeping” slide, to how to coach students to memorize the material better.

I delivered my skin structure lecture today and I think it went well! I used a lot of dorky examples, like the fact that I have Uneven pigmentation on my arm to highlight the function of melanocytes in the epidermis. (Fun fact-I was called giraffe because of this uneven pigmentation in the 5th grade). At the end of the lecture, the students gave me “minute” evaluations, which was helpful for my future development.

Takeaways: I have good energy and enthusiasm, but I need to work on slowing down. I feel like that is a theme for me in life 🙂

I have my “debrief” for the lecture on Wednesday, and give another lecture next week. There are a few more components to the teaching certificate to complete, but the lectures have been the bulk of what I have spent time on thus far.

I hope this post gives you a little bit of insight into the teaching certificate that can accompany pharmacy residency, and appreciation for our educators. Thank a teacher today!

Friday Favorites #14

Friday Favorites #14

Coming off of day 12 of working and ready for sleeping in this weekend. Here’s a summary of what I’m loving this week! The Backstreet Boys Maybe I should be embarrassed about this, but oh well, I’m not. I still listen to “I want it […]

April Snow in Oklahoma

April Snow in Oklahoma

Crazy wind, snow, ice, and then sunny and warm enough for the dog park…Oklahoma weather always keeps ya’ guessing. I managed to have some fun this weekend, despite my 7 AM shifts at the hospital. Friday Friday was a relaxed day. I took a yoga […]

Friday Favorites #13

Friday Favorites #13

It’s my weekend to staff at the hospital, so have some fun for me, okay? 🙂

Here’s what I am loving lately:

This episode of If You Only Knew, a mini-series from the Happy Hour Podcast by Jamie Ivey.

I strongly encourage anyone with an eating disorder or curious about learning more about eating disorders to listen to this episode. Melanie describes her struggle with anorexia, the role it served in her life, how she recovered, and the role her faith has had in overcoming her struggle.

I frequently find myself calling on my own faith in those moments when I do not want to have a snack or before I walk in to the grocery store, and I testify that it’s made a major impact on my recovery. I also love how Melanie mentions that even years into her recovery, she has a “tribe” of friends/family that she is accountable to in the event that any backsliding occurs.

Fresh flowers in my apartment

My parents stopped by Trader Joe’s before leaving OKC on Sunday, and my mom suggested picking up some fresh blooms for my place. The weather has been gloomy this week, so the cheery blue and yellow blooms have been a source of joy.

Intention Setting

I talked about this on Instagram, but Tuesday was a particularly busy day for me. I walked Hope are the sun came up, and set an intention to be present throughout each activity I went through during the day. It made a difference, plus isn’t that shot of the Devon Tower pretty? Love this city.

Cultivar Mexican Kitchen

Think Chipotle, but elevated. All the food here is incredibly fresh, and they have a full bar as well. OKC folks, give it a try if you haven’t yet!

Shorter list this week- but I think it’s because I’ve been busy in the evenings with activities, so I’ll say that’s a good thing. Have a great weekend!

Weekly Eats #8

Weekly Eats #8

Work routine=less exciting foods BUT still nourishing and enough to sustain my recovery. The other thing(s) that are really cool about food these days are that I’m less rigid with where I eat and what I eat, and I’m only buying the food I need […]

Outfits Round 3

Outfits Round 3

Another round-up of what I’ve been wearing lately! Top is from Piper and Scoot from last year; Pants are black faux-suede leggings I got at a random store in the mall 2 or 3 years ago, and these shoes Top and bottoms are both from […]

Easter Weekend 2018

Easter Weekend 2018

This weekend was so busy, not a lot of photos got taken!


Friday was the end of my clinical staffing rotation at the hospital. After I finished my vancomycin dosing consults, I headed to the office for resident rounds. We discussed our 5 strengths from Strengths Finder and how we can implement them into our work performance. One of my strengths is input, and I intend to ask co-workers and supervisors for their opinions and ideas more going forward. Other strengths I have are empathy and connectedness-which I realize I do not utilize fully in rotations where I am not providing direct patient care. As I seek permanent positions post-residency, I aim to utilize this knowledge and purposely apply for positions in which I will frequently engage with my patients.

After a full day of working, providing clinical consultation, and engaging in resident rounds, I was ready to unwind after work. The weather was beautiful on Friday, so I took Hope for a long walk and then hit up the midtown dog park so she could socialize with other dogs. Her dog walker said she appeared to have cabin fever, so I felt bad!

When we got home, I made myself a burger and fries, watched some of the Armstrong Lie on Netflix, and then spontaneously grabbed a drink at Guyute’s. I was in bed by around midnight to rest up for my Saturday morning bike ride.


Saturday started with week 5 of pillows to pedals. We went over how to change a flat before completing 17 miles out and back along the river trail. The wind was rough going west, but we had the wind at our backs coming back to the shop, and I was able to carry on a fun conversation with my new friend Lauren.

After the ride, I took Hope for a walk and my parents came in to town for the Easter weekend.

My dad wanted to take me to look for a road bike and had researched some local shops. We found luck at our first stop, and I am now the proud owner of a white 54 cm Fuji road bike 🙂

My dad wanted to see some Hope action at the dog park, so we picked her up at my apartment for an early evening play date at Lake Hefner.

I stopped at Sprout’s on the way home and did a quick grocery run while my dad hung out with Hope outside. I got lots of goodies for the week: bacon, salmon, and whole milk yogurt among them 🙂

We were more than ready for dinner when we got back and unloaded the groceries, so we picked up my mom from their hotel and had a quick dinner at Cultivar.

The KU-Villanova game was on, so we casually watched that while we ate, but we were disappointed with the outcome. I crashed shortly after returning from dinner and having some M and M’s.


We had a rude cold front come in early Sunday morning, so Hope and I took a quick walk before breakfast, and then had a slower morning getting ready for church. My dad went with me to the Vine, which was fun!

At the end of the service, I received some disappointing news and became slightly ill; fortunately, my dad was able to support me. Once I felt better, we were able to go back to my apartment, and reconvene with my mom who had attended Catholic mass.

While my spirits were dampened, I was able to find gratitude in the guidance and comfort of my parents. I acknowledge that my relationship with them is transparent, vulnerable, and unique from that of most adults; and for that, I treasure them. A key takeaway from our conversations is the “non-negotiables” of life: remaining in community, remaining fueled by nourishing food, and continuing to progress despite moments of sadness.

We ended their visit with a trip to Panera Bread, where I tried the Ancient Grains Arugula salad for the first time. It was good, but I probably won’t get it again. Baguette on the side.

My mom wanted to get some Trader Joe’s items before returning to Bartlesville, so I tagged along and picked out some pretty flowers to brighten up my apartment.

I ended my weekend with a much needed yoga session, lengthy phone call with a dear friend, salmon for dinner, and the rest of the Lance Armstrong documentary.

New rotation tomorrow!


What I’m Looking Forward to in April

What I’m Looking Forward to in April

Time for some intention setting for a wonderful month ahead! Setting my own schedule: this month, I’m on research rotation for my residency. There will be a lot of projects, deadlines, and work involved, but it also comes with some flexibility to my schedule. I’m […]