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Friday Favorites #13

It’s my weekend to staff at the hospital, so have some fun for me, okay? 🙂

Here’s what I am loving lately:

This episode of If You Only Knew, a mini-series from the Happy Hour Podcast by Jamie Ivey.

I strongly encourage anyone with an eating disorder or curious about learning more about eating disorders to listen to this episode. Melanie describes her struggle with anorexia, the role it served in her life, how she recovered, and the role her faith has had in overcoming her struggle.

I frequently find myself calling on my own faith in those moments when I do not want to have a snack or before I walk in to the grocery store, and I testify that it’s made a major impact on my recovery. I also love how Melanie mentions that even years into her recovery, she has a “tribe” of friends/family that she is accountable to in the event that any backsliding occurs.

Fresh flowers in my apartment

My parents stopped by Trader Joe’s before leaving OKC on Sunday, and my mom suggested picking up some fresh blooms for my place. The weather has been gloomy this week, so the cheery blue and yellow blooms have been a source of joy.

Intention Setting

I talked about this on Instagram, but Tuesday was a particularly busy day for me. I walked Hope are the sun came up, and set an intention to be present throughout each activity I went through during the day. It made a difference, plus isn’t that shot of the Devon Tower pretty? Love this city.

Cultivar Mexican Kitchen

Think Chipotle, but elevated. All the food here is incredibly fresh, and they have a full bar as well. OKC folks, give it a try if you haven’t yet!

Shorter list this week- but I think it’s because I’ve been busy in the evenings with activities, so I’ll say that’s a good thing. Have a great weekend!

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