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April Snow in Oklahoma

Crazy wind, snow, ice, and then sunny and warm enough for the dog park…Oklahoma weather always keeps ya’ guessing.

I managed to have some fun this weekend, despite my 7 AM shifts at the hospital.


Friday was a relaxed day. I took a yoga class after work and then took Hope to the Midtown Mutts dog park. It was so windy and cold that we were the only souls at the dog park.After, I came home and started Riverdale on Netflix.


Saturday morning started with SNOW. Totally unexpected in Oklahoma in April. I also had to be at the hospital for work early, so Hope and I bundled up and went for a quick walk before I headed to the hospital.

The day was filled with vancomycin consults, IV->PO interchanges, and renal dose adjustments. I paused for this tasty wonton soup from TJ’s for lunch.

And got this shot of Hope in the snow from my dog walker.

By the time I got off at 3:30, it was warm and sunny so I took Hope to the dog park.

There was a pack of poodles for my doodle to play with! So fun!

I made a Target run after the dog park and then settled in at home to watch more Riverdale.


Sunday morning I was TIRED, but I got up, took Hope for a short walk, and then went to work. I served as the clinical pharmacist for the same floors that I had looked at on Saturday, so it was a tad easier since I was more familiar with the patients. 









Lunch break=eating out of that sandwich baggie life.

After I got off, I took Hope out and hit up a yoga class. After class, Hope and I went to the dog park, and then I tortured the poor girl with a bath…not her favorite.

I ended the weekend with dinner and more Riverdale.

Looking forward to not working next weekend!

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