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Friday Favorites #15

Hi there! Friday again? I apologize for the lack of posts lately. Between bike riding, research, lectures, Bible study, kickball, friends, and just life, my energies have not been coming to this space quite as much as I would like. This weekend, I plan to reunite with an old roommate, try out rock climbing, and spend time with Hope (given 😉 )

What I’ve been loving:

  • The Girlfriends Guide to Divorce
    • My sister recommended this show to me on Netflix a few years ago, and I finally got around to watching it! Last weekend was slow in OKC (hence the lack of weekend recap on Monday), so I mostly watched Netflix and hung out with Hope. This show is a lighthearted winner. 
  • Fancy Strawberry Herbal Tea
    • This was at Basil during a post-bike ride dinner last week. There’s a candle under the tea pot! 
  • Hope + Steele
    • Hope’s new husky friend at the dog park. How cute are they?
  • Feta cheese
    • This is really random, but I’m craving feta cheese on all of my sandwiches and salads lately.
  • Dreaming ahead
    • I’ll finish residency in September, and I’m thinking about the type of job I would like to pursue in the location I would like to be in. As well as what time I might have for side projects! Right now, I have job searches in OKC, Minneapolis, Seattle, Charlotte, Asheville, Charleston, and Greenville. Change is a’coming. I’m looking forward to seeing where 2018 might take me. I am also thinking about following through with getting certified in yoga or Barre3 after residency.

What are you loving this week, friends?

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