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Just Like the Old Times, and Remembering One Special Lady

This weekend flew by, and was filled with girl time, nostalgia, adventure, family, and remembrance.

Friday started with my favorite TGIF yoga class. After, I took Hope to the dog park and got ready to hang out with my old roommate. We went to sushi and then settled in at her apartment with both of our dogs to watch How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Classic girl night rom com. Just like how it used to be when we lived together!

Saturday morning started a bit stressful. My dryer decided not to work + it was pouring outside, leaving me with a sopping wet dog and no towels to dry her with…Eventually I got the appliance situation figured out and got to move on to the highlight activity of the day: indoor rock climbing at Climb Up!

I knew that I wasn’t scared of heights as I have been rock climbing, but I wasn’t sure how I would handle this new experience. I am happy to say it was a blast and I want to go back! I started with a class about how to “belay” and use appropriate climbing lingo. From there, I was set lose on the walls. I definitely have some confidence to gain in my footwork, but I intend to go back. I was pretty tired after the outing, so the rest of the day was spent with food and the Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce.

Sunday morning, my mom let our family know that my sweet grandmother passed in her sleep overnight. The news was not a surprise, and we are all happy that she went peacefully, got to see each of her children before she left, and is now with her husband.

My grandma intentionally sought out individuals to discern what she could do to make their lives better. She was an exemplary mother, intelligent teacher, and first-rate baker. I hope to live as fully and love as deeply as she did.

Despite the sadness from missing my grandma, my Sunday continued as usual. I went to church, spent time with Hope at the Lake Hefner dog park, watched Netflix, and finished laundry.

This week, I’ll give another lecture for my teaching certificate and work on research. What is going on in your corner of the world?


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  • Gramma has always been so proud and supportive of you, but never more so than recently as you have worked so hard to overcome your eating disorder. Her last words on the subject were that you should not “overload (yourself)” now that you were back in the pharmacy life.

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