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April 2018 Highs and Lows

I’ve been too absent in these parts lately. Partly due to FUN, partly due to work, partly due to being a dog mom, and partly due to just needing to decompress. But here is a recap post that will give you a snapshot of what I’ve been up to!

High: Completing my two lectures for my teaching certificate.

I’ve always loved school, and I’m also discovering that I love investing in people and communicating with others. Teaching is a great intersection of the both. I gave two lectures in April, one on skin structure and function to 80 students, and one on gestational diabetes and diabetes in pregnancy to seven. I’m grateful I was able to lecture in a small case-based class as well as a traditional lecture style. I’m even more grateful that I got to lecture in the Advanced Diabetes elective! I have not mentioned it on here, but diabetes care and outpatient pharmacy are two aspects of pharmacy that I am extremely passionate about. The feedback I received from the students from lecturing was positive, and it’s a nice load off my shoulders to have that aspect of my residency complete.

High: going back to a longitudinal diabetes clinic 

Piggybacking off the statements made above, a component of the second half of my residency is working as a diabetes provider every Tuesday afternoon in a pharmacotherapy clinic. I rotated through the clinic as a student, so I was already familiar with the patient population we serve, work flow, and protocols we follow. To be honest, my experiences in this clinic are a major reason why I chose to pursue residency to begin with. So coming back at the beginning of the month was a perfect reminder for why I do what I do and where my dreams lie within my profession. So far, I’ve initiated visits with two patients new to our clinic that I will be the primary provider for (with faculty support) for the remainder of my residency. I’ve gotten to counsel on insulin initiation, discontinue medications, and get to know not only patients, but their families. I find it incredibly rewarding.

Low: Hope’s latest escapade 

Hope got a hold of my favorite copy of A Simple Abundance that my mom got me and wrote a sweet intro in one day while I was at work…

High: Rock Climbing!

Climb Up OKC did not disappoint. I didn’t make it to the top of the harder tracks, so I guess I’ll just have to go back!

High: My new bike

And now I realize that I don’t have a picture of my bike…which I need to fix. But I’ve ridden the new toy twice since I got it at the beginning of the month, and it’s so much LIGHTER than my hybrid. There is nothing a little time outside on the bike can’t make better 🙂

Low: disappointments

I realize this is extremely general, but there have been several instances throughout this month where people or circumstances have disappointed me. The positive aspect, though, is gaining the confidence in myself, my faith, and my relationship with God to turn these disappointments over and realize there is a greater plan. It’s a “muscle” I’m working to strengthen, and there is still heartbreak, but it’s getting so much better. “Cast all your anxieties on Him for He cares for you”—1 Peter 5:7

High: Hope’s new friends at the dog park

Hope + husky. So cute.

High: the art festival

As part of my lack of regular posting, I didn’t do a weekend recap today (I also staffed at the hospital all weekend). Friday evening I went to the arts festival with my co-residents. There was a lot of impressive (expensive) art, and some inspiration for some art projects!

Low: saying goodbye to my grandma

While my family misses her deeply, we are also happy for her because we know she is no longer suffering and is with my grandfather. I’ve been reflecting frequently on the beautiful person my grandmother was and the legacy she will leave in the past week. My grandma experienced multiple heartaches and disappointments in her life, but her faith, love of people, and work ethic shined through despite her trials. I have been remembering this in my day=to-day trials and joys, and hope that I keep this in mind forever going forward.

High: hosting friends for dinner

In the height of my eating disorder, I isolated myself from others, particularly around food. I’ve found, though, that sharing meals with others brings forth vulnerability, life giving conversations, and is just overall good for the soul. I’ve made it a habit to have friends over for dinner at least once a week, and it has definitely been a highlight of my month.

What were your April highlights?

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