Ramblings about health, dogs, and other randomness


I’m a twenty-something from Oklahoma on the pursuit of adventure, faith, self-improvement, learning how to be a first-time dog mama, and where to find the best tea.

In December 2017, I made the decision to stop fear from ruling my life, and to start pursuing various goals I had long been talking about doing. Some of the items on the list: getting a dog, recovering from a long-time battle with an eating disorder, starting a blog, and becoming either a yoga or barre instructor.

Getting a dog

Christmas Eve 2017-the day I met the Hopester!

I had wanted a dog since I was 8 years old, but I grew up in a strictly “no pet” household. When I moved away for college, I became familiar with vizslas and had a dream of one day owning my own. However, my pre-pharmacy and pharmacy education (which would take me a total of 8+ years!) left me with little time to devote to the level of energy vizslas (particularly puppies!) require. Towards the end of my pharmacy education, I was lucky enough to live in a house with someone else’s vizsla for 6 months. After that, I became a “crazy dog lady” and knew I wanted my own! After researching various breeds, I knew a goldendoodle would be right for me because they’re known for being affectionate, smart, energetic, and great therapy dogs–perfect for an active, sensitive, sometimes anxious young pharmacist! My dad found my goldendoodle in the classified section of the Tulsa World and we went to meet her on Christmas Eve 2017. It was love at first site! I decided to name her Hope as a constant reminder that hope persists, whether times are bountiful or painful.

Recovering from a long-term battle with an eating disorder

To read more about my story, please visit the “recovery” page. 

My E.D. first emerged when I was ~16. Throughout the struggle, I had overwhelming supports from family, friends, significant others, professionals, professors, and supervisors. As anyone facing any sort of addiction knows all too well, addictions are DIFFICULT to break, and my addiction to using food for control was no different. The fear of the unknown had previously prevented my permanent recovery, but in December 2017, I had enough and pledged to enter permanent recovery. I took three months off work and temporarily moved home with my parents so I could eradicate the shell of the woman the eating disorder had forced me to become.

Starting a blog

I started reading lifestyle blogs in summer 2012. Some of my favorites are PBFingers, Fitting-It-All-In, The Real Life RD, The Healthy Maven, and Hummusapian. These women have inspired me and aided me on my journey through the difficult times being a 20-something entails, as well as the highs and lows of eating disorder recovery. I knew early on that I wanted to start my own blog in the hopes of similarly helping others, but various excuses stopped me: “everyone has a blog”, “I don’t have time”, “Who would be interested in what I have to say”…I decided to start PursueTenacity DESPITE those misgivings because I figured at the very least, the blog could help at least one very important person—me. Starting PursueTenacity has given me an outlet, a hobby, and taught me a lot about technology (NOT one of my strengths!). I have absolutely no expectations for this space, but by starting the blog and adding content, I’ve overcome a 5+ year fear, which is pretty awesome in my opinion!

Becoming a yoga or barre instructor

I took my first Barre3 class on Labor Day 2014, and fell in love with the sense of strength, grace, and body awareness the class provided. However, in the height of my E.D., I engaged in “too much of a good thing” and was pursuing the practice excessively. I do not remember when I took my first yoga class, but I learned how therapeutic yoga can be during residential treatment for an E.D. in March 2017. As of December 2017, I am in a season of rest and recovery, but once I reach a healthier place, my goal is to become a barre3 or yoga instructor to share my passion and story with others.

The Profession

I graduated from pharmacy school in June 2017. I am fortunate to be in field where I directly help others AND I get to use my geeky science knowledge. I am currently pursuing post-Pharm.D. residency training. I will complete my program in 2018 and pursue a permanent pharmacist position. I aim to find a position where I can directly help patients and also have the space to pursue my desire to be an advocate for eating disorder awareness and support.

I’m totally a work in progress. Thanks for stopping by!