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Forgiveness doesn’t have to be earned

Forgiveness doesn’t have to be earned

I have chosen to be raw and public about sharing my story in the hopes that my story may inspire and educate others. On a selfish note, I must admit that sharing my story has provided catharsis and facilitated aspects of my recovery. One might […]

Friday Favorites #7

Friday Favorites #7

Hope’s Progress Hope is now getting in and out of the car with less fear and going under the tunnel on the pathfinder and over the bridge on the pathfinder with less trepidation. She also has learned “sit” and “stay” and her grandma is working […]



In my current season, I take a lot of inspiration from Georgie from The Chasing Joy podcast as well as A Simple Abundance. The pursuit of both Gratitude and Joy are emphasized in A Simple Abundance; however, Sarah Ban Breathnach reasons that it is the practice of gratitude ultimately leads to joy.

Since mid-January, I have cultivated a “gratitude practice” by writing down 5 things I’m grateful for at the end of each day. Sometimes, these gratitudes are silly:

  • getting compliments about how cute Hope is,
  • daydreaming about visits to the national parks
  • the underdog winning the Superbowl, etc

Sometimes, these gratitudes are indicative of the many fortunes I have:

  • working heat in the cold
  • a functioning car
  • healthy parents

And other times, these gratitudes are indicative of how far I’ve come in recovery:

  • the ability to withstand the wind and cold
  • the strength to hike
  • the joy in sharing meals with friends and family

Whether light or serious, all my gratitudes share a key common thread-they’ve lead to joy in my everyday life.

Some of the things bringing me joy recently:

  • Hope and the progress I see in her
  • Day trips to Tulsa to see friends
  • Going to a barre class, not being triggered, and being told by the instructor after that I have great form and would be a good instructor J
  • Watching Hope jump with excitement towards other dogs
  • Doing crow pose and flying pigeon in yoga last week
  • Volunteering at a local food pantry
  • Eating two potatoes for dinner the other night, enjoying crackers, and having a daily chocolate milk shake

In reflecting on this list, gratitude for each item on this list facilitates the joy. For instance, walking in the cold and hitting certain poses in yoga are especially joyful for me because I used to be so cold and miserable in the outdoors and too fatigued to successfully practice yoga. My prior experiences make me all the more grateful for the different experience I have now, which has led me to experience pure joy.

My gratitude practice has caused me be more present in the simple moments of my life. Think about the positive you can find in your current circumstance—in some lower moments throughout my time off work, I’ve felt like a failure to launch for being 27 and staying with my parents, or angry that I did not beat my eating disorder earlier before I lost some people that I was closest too. And yet, I’ve found that I’m grateful my parents are healthy and capable of having me stay with them. I’m grateful my job is flexible and allowing me to get healthy. I’m grateful that I’ve had multiple friends come visit me despite the distance. I’m grateful for the time with my parents before they move out of state. And because of this gratitude, I’m more joyful when I do get to see my friends. When I do mundane activities with my parents like grab lunch on a Tuesday. And when I sleep until 7:30 because that doesn’t happen in my typical work week.

Previously, I wouldn’t not have considered myself a joyful or grateful individual. This simple practice has changed that, and it was so simple. If you feel like you could use some more joy in your life, start with gratitude. In a short time, you might be surprised to see what you list as bringing you joy.

Weekly Eats: #2

Weekly Eats: #2

Breakfasts Public Service Announcement: Choose whole milk yogurt! This whole milk blueberry yogurt was so satiating. I pledge to never buy light n’ fit greek yogurt again. I also had cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread (also a must try in my opinion!) + buttahhhh + fried […]

Friday Favorites #6

Friday Favorites #6

This week started with the Super Bowl and is ending with some friend time. There was some fun, volunteering, and yummy food in between. What did you do this week? Tulsa NEDA Walk: I finally registered to do the  Tulsa NEDA walk.  The walk is February […]

Bookends: My Morning and Evening Routines

Bookends: My Morning and Evening Routines

Before I get in to today’s post, I have a quick PSA about the Tulsa NEDA walk. I’ve registered to walk to help raise awareness for eating disorders. The walk is February 25th at 2 p.m. If you would like to join or support my team with a donation, go here and click either “register” or “donate” in the top right corner. My team name is “Hopeful” and the password is “Doodle”. I hope to see you February 25!

When I got Hope, my mom encouraged me to establish a regular schedule or “routine” for her day.

Babies do best when they know what to expect,” she wisely stated from her 41 years of parenting experience. “I’ve never had a dog,” she continued, “but I expect they’re no different”.

I’ve learned to follow my mother’s advice, so I quickly put Hope on a regular routine, and she definitely adjusted better to her new home, had fewer accidents, and seemed happier with her surroundings when she knew what to expect.

The concept of a “morning routine” has become a bit of a buzzword in the wellness space these days. I regularly listen to the Chasing Joy podcast, and one of my favorite questions every week is “What is your morning routine?”. A recent reading in my Simple Abundance devotional compared the cyclical nature of a daily routine to the cycle of the ocean waves, the sun rising and setting, and the lunar cycle. Another podcast I was listening to in the last week emphasized that having both morning and evening routines creates a set of “bookends” for the day. As we all know, the events of each day are unpredictable and outside of our control. Therefore, establishing “bookends” for this craziness cultivates a sense of comfort and control.

In the worst of my eating disorder, my day and any sort of routine I had revolved around exercise and food choices. I felt scattered, anxious, and I was not healthy. When I left the environment I was in to pursue recovery, I did not intentionally cultivate a bookend of routines. But two months into it, I am able to reflect and see that I do have a regular morning and evening routine. I will corroborate the endorsement presented in these podcasts and devotionals for the routines. Since implementing them, I am more grounded. While my routines will have to be modified when I move back to OKC, I intend to keep them. By sharing them in this space, perhaps I will inspire you to create your own “bookend” routines!


Wake-up: I awaken anywhere between 7 and 7:30 a.m. each morning. I’m currently not setting an alarm, which will change when I start work again. I try to do a few quick stretches, think of something I am grateful for, and tell myself “do something your future self will be thankful for today”. I take my daily medicine (pharmacist plug-medication adherence is better when taking your medicine is part of a regular routine!) and bundle up to take Hope outside (today it was 12 degrees—brrrrr!)

Take Hope outside: Depending on how much energy little bit has and how cold it is, we do a little bit of playing after she does her business. When I go back inside, I add food and water to her bowls.

Weights: In this season, I am regularly checking to see if I need to add to my meal plan for the day. (If I have stayed the same or lost, I add)

Cook Breakfast: I always make sure I have a source of full-fat dairy, carbohydrates, protein, and additional fat. To make it easy, I almost always have fried eggs, whole milk yogurt, and either waffles, oatmeal, or toast with butter or almonds.

Jesus Today: I read two entries in Jesus Today-I revisit yesterday’s entry and read a new one. It’s a great source of hope to start my day!

Eat breakfast: I’m usually salivating at this point because I’ve been smelling and looking at my delicious breakfast while meditating on the Jesus Today entries. Down the hatch!

Pray with mom: About two weeks ago, my mom and I started praying together every morning. My sweet mama is a devout Catholic and reads The Magnificat daily, so we center our time around this. There is a short reading, then a responsorial Psalm. After the Psalm, my mom and I include our personal intentions. I write new intentions on Sunday each week and make additions throughout the week if necessary. We close with an “Our Father”.

Dressed and Makeup: I think this is pretty self-explanatory. After this, I usually will do yoga or continue with the work for the day.


My nighttime routine begins once the dinner dishes are put away. I take Hope out and then bring her upstairs to hang out with my mama and me on the couch.

Journaling: Hope snuggles on the couch, my mom watches Stephen Cobert, and I journal. I typically do a quick recap of whatever happened that day and how I’m feeling. It’s been really cool to look back at older journal entries and see my progress. I also write down 5 gratitudes from that day (a January suggestion in A Simple Abundance that’s a serious life changer) and read the Simple Abundance entry for the day.

Fixer Upper: My mom and I usually watch an episode of Fixer Upper from the DVR. If OU is playing, we watch basketball. If it’s Tuesday, we watch This Is Us.

Take Hope out: Hope does her business one more time for the day

Shower and night time snack: Night time snack is almost always ice cream + M and M’s or full fat yogurt+ banana chips + oatmeal or granola.

Read in bed: After I eat my snack and watch a little more TV I finish the day with a book in bed. Right now, it’s Daring Greatly.


Lights out: Right now, I’m going to bed around 10:30.


I would strongly recommend the bookend routine to anyone. Let me know if you try it!

How to Offer Support to Someone With an Eating Disorder

How to Offer Support to Someone With an Eating Disorder

I’m going to begin this post by stating that I am one lucky girl. I have very supportive family, friends and co-workers that have put up with a lot (too much, really) over the past several years that this eating disorder has been an issue in my […]

Eats Lately

Eats Lately

Breakfasts: I have 2-3 breakfasts I typically cycle through depending on my mood that morning. This was 2 slices Ezekiel’s cinnamon raisin toast + butter, a fried egg, fresh berries, whole milk yogurt, and green juice. Two waffles, real maple syrup, raspberries + blackberries, coffee […]

Friday Favorites #5

Friday Favorites #5

  • The Resident on FoxMy mom watches the Late Show with Cobert every night after dinner (she DVR’s them and watches the previous nights, because we are not about to stay up that late), and last week he interview Matt Czuchry from Gilmore Girls about his new show “The Resident”. As a huge Gilmore Girls fan (I have every season on DVD), I had to check it out. I did not have high expectations, but I love it! It’s actually making me excited to get back to work in the hospital again.
  • Kendra Scott: Okay, so this is really basic of me, but after purchasing these earrings thanks to the Kendra Scott birthday month discount, I found myself looking at some of the other pieces offered. Everything is so pretty!
  • Athleta leggings: I was told these leggings are flattering and good for weight gain, so I ordered a pair of these as part of my sizing up purchases. They’re great!
  • My nighttime routine with my mama and Hope: most nights after dinner, I plop Hope on the sofa with my sweet mama and me, and we watch a variety of shows from her DVR. Stephen Colbert and Fixer Upper are regulars for us! I snack on some ice cream and journal during this time, also. I’ll miss this when I head back to OKC so soon!
  • Night sky: The moon was very full when I took Hope out before bed the other night. I lack the supplies to take a better photo, but I attempted to capture the beauty with my iPhone. 
What I’m Looking Forward to in February

What I’m Looking Forward to in February

January gone already? Time is tricky for me in this season: on the one hand, I am looking forward to returning to my life in OKC and to my professional work as well as impatient to be weight restored. On the other hand, I know […]