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What I’m Looking Forward to in April

What I’m Looking Forward to in April

Time for some intention setting for a wonderful month ahead! Setting my own schedule: this month, I’m on research rotation for my residency. There will be a lot of projects, deadlines, and work involved, but it also comes with some flexibility to my schedule. I’m […]

March 2018 Highs and Lows

March 2018 was a roller coaster for Hope and me—but a good rollercoaster. Looking back, here is what I found joy in, what I grew from, and what I will take forward in my future. High: Moving home I moved to OKC in 2013, and I […]

Friday Favorites #12

Friday Favorites #12

Good Friday and Easter weekend is upon us! I’m looking forward to resting and seeing my parents this weekend—they’re coming for the Easter holiday and to see Hope! My plans include my usual Saturday morning bike ride, taking Hope up to the dog park with my parents, and celebrating Easter at the Vine on Sunday. Should be a good one! What do you have planned?

My favorites this week are on the simple side of the spectrum. And to be 100% honest, I think now that I’m working again, most of my favorites will be simple. Most of my energy is spent towards my patients care, so when I’m not working, my favorite activities are being goofy with Hope and spending time outside. It’s such a beautiful change from the season when my life revolved around my job, my exercise, and my food.


How beautiful are these spring blooms? Monday after work, I took Hope for a long ride. The skies were overcast, and many trees and flowers were blooming. The lighting was perfect for this picture.

“Birthday” Hope

Hope’s birthday is September 10, but I know another special puppy that had a birthday last week. We celebrated with hats and puppy treats. Hope is so cute in this hat; but the reality of the situation is that she loved eating it and my apartment was covered with paper remnants. Worth it! 🙂

“Action” Hope

I love watching Hope romp around with other dogs. She is so fast, playful, and joyful! I snapped this photo at the Lake Hefner dog park last weekend, and I think it is the perfect action shot 🙂

Same place, different day. Yes I am obsessed with my dog.

Dress Up Week at kickball

This week at kickball, we had an “old” theme. Dress up days=flash back to high school. I found out about the theme last minute, but I sported a plaid jacket and my new friend had some fun hair spray–she was full on “gray” and I was in the “going gray” phase. We also discussed who our Golden Girl character would be—I’ve never watched it (have you?) but after hearing a description of the characters, we decided I’d be Rose.

Friends, what are you loving this week?

#DinnerforOne: Shrimp Pasta with Broccoli and Parmesan Cheese

#DinnerforOne: Shrimp Pasta with Broccoli and Parmesan Cheese

Friends, life is busy these days. I’m at the hospital by 7 AM everyday, and when I get home, I take Hope for walks, see friends, and go to any one of the activities I’ve recently joined. Many individuals in this type of season can easily […]

Weekly Eats #7

Weekly Eats #7

Breakfasts Ezekiel toast with mixed berries, eggs, and whole milk yogurt the last day before I went back to work. Overnight oats loaded with almonds, almond milk, whole milk yogurt, blueberries, and cinnamon. No the prettiest, but easy eating at the hospital! More traditional oats […]

Outfits: Round 2

I’m still deciding if my outfits will become a regular fixture on the blog, but for now, here is a second round of what I’ve been wearing lately!

Booties, Sweater from Piper and Scoot last year, jeans from Anthropologie from 3 or 4 years ago

Really old Free People top, jeans, Seychelles mules

But from the cloth jacket, Seychelle’s bodies, Lush dress

Top and pants are both from Target, grey suede wedges

Top, Pants, Mules

Cardigan, Top, Pants, Booties

And now I realize how much pink I wear!

A weekend of friends, biking, and the great outdoors

Another fun weekend in OKC in the books! Friday After work, I took Hope to the midtown dog park. The park was bustling with activity—everyone was excited about the weekend and the weather was gorgeous! Hope made friends with an adorable 3-month old charcoal lab. […]

Friday Favorites #11

Friday Favorites #11

Last day of the work week and headed in to the weekend looking forward to some relaxation, time with Hope, good food, and biking. What do you have planned? Some of the things I’m loving lately: Taking a lunch break at work I used to […]

Running with Plan B (or C, or D)

Running with Plan B (or C, or D)

March 17, 2017, I received the most anticipated news that I had been matched to PGY-1 residency at the University of Oklahoma.

This news aligned perfectly with the life plan I had devised for myself: complete a first year residency, then go on to do a second year specialty residency in ambulatory care, obtain a clinical position as an ambulatory care pharmacist, and work in academia.

Tis the season once again for match day, and many of my friends and colleagues are waiting for their results. Despite what I had envisioned for myself a year ago, I’m not going to complete a PGY-2 in ambulatory care, and I will not receive a match this March.

Had you told me this one year ago, much less 3 months ago, I would have been devastated. I had a vision for the way my life was going to go, and I was stubborn about that vision.

But there were some red flags. Those closest to me were extremely apprehensive about me doing a first year residency, much less a second year residency.

I must pause here to say that residency and academic pharmacy are WONDERFUL career options. And of those residency programs and academic institutions, I will sing the praises of mine over all others. The individuals and support that I receive from my program are incomparable. Which is honestly just another reason why “swallowing the pill” (pharmacy joke) of changing plans was so difficult for me.

The red flags: my temperament. My perfectionism. My coping mechanisms when faced with stress.

Residency is an amazing, necessary form of training. You work well over the average work week providing patient care, performing research, and developing yourself as a teacher. Doesn’t that sound like quite the balancing act? Well it is, and I wanted to be the best at everything, as well as being present in my relationships and a caregiver. When faced with the balancing act, my eating disorder capitalized, and my health was sacrificed. I paused, and reassessed. The timing of this decision coincided perfectly with the application timeline for second year residencies.

When I decided to deviate from the course, I realized I was left without a “next step” for the first time in my entire life. This could be viewed as enigmatic and frightening, and goodness knows I have my vulnerable moments when I succumb to these emotions and am left with doubts and insecurities. The far greater, more expansive view, is that the options are limitless.

When I decided not to pursue additional training, the only certainty I had in the “Plan B” was that I was going to choose to beat my eating disorder and prioritize my health. I figured the permanent position, geographic location I end up in, and personal life would work itself out.

Currently, many of these elements still remain unknown to me. Yet, I still have ideas for multiple plan b’s, c’s, d’s that I can run with in my life.

Most importantly, I am open. Life truly opens up when you do. What I have learned from this experience: trust your intuition. Make a scary choice. Embrace the unknown. I now have a wonderful dog, new hobbies, self-confidence, and a wonderful tribe of friends and family with me. I am glad I am not following my plan a.


Weekly Eats #6

Breakfasts Monday morning breakfast of quick oats, cashews, blueberry brown cow yogurt, strawberries, and fried eggs. You know I love my Christmas plate 🙂 English muffin, full fat yogurt, fried eggs, strawberries. And because I won’t have time to make eggs and oats in the […]