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What will you gain?

Although objective weight gain is a necessary (and often feared) aspect of recovery from an eating disorder, weight is only one of the many things that are gained when entering recovery.

Focusing on the attributes I will obtain and the adventures I will have once recovered provide motivation when I’m having a more difficult day. I’ve filled my Life on the other side” Pinterest board with pictures of vacation destinations, hiking/biking adventures, puppies, and the like to remind me why I’m seeking recovery.

One of my other favorite reminders of what I will gain with recovery is this collage project that I’ve placed on my desk.


To make it, I gathered old magazines and newspapers and found words and expressions that I equated with recovery. Some examples are “vibrant”, “nourishing”, and “joyful”. I cut them out and used Modpodge (was anyone else a sorority girl? The amount of modpodge I used making Big/Little gifts my sophomore year of undergrad was insane….) to attach them to a standard size poster board. Once the poster board dried, I added metallic gold letters spelling “Gain” to the center of the poster. Voila!

What will you gain when you enter recovery?