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Change is a Brewing


I’ve been silent in this parts for some time, and I have to admit, I miss regular posting! I often find myself frustrated when I ask someone how they’ve been, and they respond, “busy!”, so I’ll try to avoid that particular four letter word for the duration of this post.


So what have I been up to? Completing the summer kickball season. Our team wasn’t as successful in the summer season as we were in the spring, but it was still a fun activity. I took Hope up to the fields for a couple of the games, and she was a very enthusiastic cheerleader 🙂


I finished my clinical inpatient rotations! And took an embarrassing and enthusiastic selfie! And posted it to the inter web! The end of my infectious disease rotation at the end of July marked the end of my last scheduled inpatient rotations for residency. This ambulatory care-loving pharmacist was excited. All this to say—I discovered in June that I  ENJOY inpatient internal medicine. I’m currently on the job hunt, so we will see what the next steps hold, whether it be outpatient or inpatient, or a mixture of both.


Hope is getting big! We have been spending lots of time at the dog park in the evenings, and some great new friendships have been formed between Hope and some of the dogs, and also between the other dog owners and me. One is even watching Hope while I do some traveling.


I spontaneously went kayaking a few Sundays ago! One of my kickball friends called me up and it was a fun way to spend the afternoon.


and….I’m  in the midst of some traveling. More details to come later! This is the view of the Chicago skyline from the plane…not my final destination, but part of the journey.


Morning walks with Hope on the weekend through Mesta Park is still one of my favorite activities.

Other fun things that have happened that I haven’t documented…Morgan visited from Seattle! And I FINALLY tried the Jones Assembly—just as good as I had heard. We also tried a new place called Bar Abolada that was charming.

I went to the Backstreet Boys concert that wasn’t….so the concert that I was so excited about getting a few months back was supposed to happen last Saturday, but weather got in the way…..whomp whomp. Well, we still had a good time.

Most importantly-my sister had a baby. He is adorable and sweet and I can’t wait to meet him!

And, as implied by the title of this post, some changes are coming. Residency will be over soon, and a new chapter is on the horizon. Scary, but exciting!

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